Beautiful Girls who adore nylons
Welcome to Classic Nylon Tease where we put the fun back into the art of stocking glamour. If you love erotic tease with pretty girls flashing their fully fashioned nylons, girdles, corsets and all manner of retro foundationwear then you have definitely found stocking heaven! Our ladies can't wait to strip down for your naughty pleasure and all our girls are specially hand-picked by two of our vintage nylon loving girls including many of their friends.
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Wrinkles & Wraps featuring Bella Vallen
This is Bella's first appearance for us and we get off to a flying start with this wonderful set of her giving us all a fabulous leg and foot show wearing black rht nylons and a flowing sheer gown from her huge collection of vintage lingerie...
30 July
160 images

Upskirt Panty Show featuring Goldie Locket
Next to her nylon stockings, Goldie's next best love is her collection of ultra sheer nylon panties....and she loves to show them off at any oportunity! Here she gives you upskirt glimpses then gets the camerman on the floor for some truly wonderful shots!
21 July
127 images

Cheeky Maids featuring Lulu & Rose
Lulu and Rose indulge in a bit of Benny Hill style mayhem in this fun clip where they are dressed as maids and chase each other around the room after playing pranks on each other!

1 July
5 mins
Eastern Promise featuring Amber von Tassel
Amber loves holidaying in the orient and puts her own twist on this Chinese inspired dress adding some chocolate fully fashioned nylons and gorgeous sexy red heels. Being the tease she is she gives you plenty of glimpses of her retro lingerie as she strips down for a little more naughtiness...
8 July
126 images

I Hate Spiders! featuring Raven
Raven is minding her own business cleaning away in the bathroom when she knocks off a spider and it lands somewhere on her. Sxcreaming, she removes article after article of clothing hunting for the thing she hates most. Satisfied it's gone she carries on cleaning, only this time she has on nothing but her fishnet stockings!

1 July
8 minutes
hi-res pics

My Girl Lollipop featuring Amber von Tassel
Amber is hot and decides to cool off outdoors in her lingerie, having removed her dress already, sucking on an ice cold lollipop. Only trouble is, it's so hot that it melts too quickly and drips all over her lovely silky slip. Ah well, looks like that will have to come off too!
23 June
140 images
Stood Up & On My Own featuring Raven
Raven's hot date has stood her up at the last minute and now she's been left all on her own, dressed up in her sexiest lingerie and with nowhere to go. Would you leave such a luscious babe dressed like that? Well that's it for him, his chance has now gone. Ah well, might as well have an early night... besides she'll do a better job on her own (wink wink).

17 June
11 minutes
hi-res pics

Feather Strip featuring Fantail Fanny
Fanny does what she does best...practising one of her routines in her bedroom where she reveals her sexy lingerie. And what she does with those nipple tassels... wow!

12 May
9 minutes

Bath Time Babe featuring Lulu LaBelle
Our Lulu likes nothing more than slipping into a nice relaxing hot bath with lots of soapy bubbles to play around in. Here, she decides that it's quicker to wash her lingerie and nylons at the same time, so into the bath they all go for some play time fun!
26 May
91 images
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